Sir Walter Running will be hosting a Pop Up Cross Country series every Tuesday night in October at 6pm at Dix Park on the big field (sans Halloween)! We’ll have different course setups each week, and will have a 5k and a Kids 1k. We’ll have a relay night, and the Raleigh City Championship on the final night. Listen to the Summer of Miles podcast “Autumn of Trials” episode here for all the details! (and don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook here). Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you would like to volunteer for Pop Up Cross Country, go here!

*All races, aside from the championship, are FREE!

2017 Pop Up Cross Country at Dix Park Schedule

Week 1: Tuesday, October 3 – 6pm 5k, 6:30pm Kids 1k (Course Maps / Results)

Week 2: Tuesday, October 10 – 6pm 5k, 6:30pm Kids 1k (5k Course Map / Results)

Week 3: Tuesday, October 17 – 6pm 3 Mile (individual) / 3xMile Relay / Kids 1 Mile within race (1 Mile Loop Course Map / Results)

Week 4: Tuesday, October 24 – 6pm, Raleigh City Championship (5k Course Map / Details / Official Results)

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Listen to the first Pop Up Cross Country episode on the Summer of Miles podcast below;