Pop Up Cross Country – Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Thanks for your interest in the Pop Up Cross Country. If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to email us directly, and we’ll do our best to answer your question!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are the Pop Up Cross Country races held?

For 2019, they are all held at the Big Field at Dorothea Dix Park. You can get here by coming in off Western Boulevard off Hunt Drive (across from the Central Prison), or off Blair Drive if you’re coming from Centennial Parkway (Dix Park Parking and Access Map). The start of each race changes each week. Make sure and consult PopUpCrossCountry.com for that weeks information.

What time do races start each week?

The 5k will start at 6pm and the Kids 1k will start at 6:30pm (darkness pending).

How much is the entry fee to Pop Up Cross Country races?

The first 2 races are free (10/1, 10/15). There will be a small entry fee to the final Saturday (10/26), where we’ll host the Raleigh City Cross Country Championship.

Can I donate to help offset costs?

Of course! You can PayPal us at [email protected] or Venmo SirWalterMiler You can also buy us something on our Amazon Wish List, which is comprised of things we need to put on Pop Up Cross Country events. You can also bring a small cash/check/gift card donation each week.

Do you have insurance for the races?

Yes. All races are permitted through the City of Raleigh and have insurance through United States Track and Field. We will have you sign a waiver before each race as well.

Do you post results for the races?

Yes. You’ll need to sign out your time after you finish each week. We’ll post those times at PopUpCrossCountry.com

How do I sign up?

You will sign in at the race site each week, but we appreciate you RSVPing on Facebook in advance, so we have an idea of who is coming.

Will you provide refreshments and bathrooms?

There are portojohns right on Biggs Drive, which also hosts a few gravel parking lots. We recommend you bring your own water/sports drink, and dispose of trash in proper receptacles. If you want to bring a case of water/gatorade/etc for everyone, let us know (and thanks in advance)!

What is the course like?

It’s all grass, so spike up if you wish. It’s a mix of flats and rolling hills. Nothing too steep!

Will there be mile markers?

Yes. We’ll mark those off each week and will try and have someone call splits at the 1 and 2 mile mark.

Do you have T-Shirts/Swag?

Yes! We’ll have shirts for sale (donation) starting 10/10.

Do you have a podcast with more information?

Funny you ask… of course we do. Check out the Summer of Miles podcast for information on each weeks race. We usually drop episodes on Friday.

Can my company sponsor a race?

Of course. Contact us for details.

Do you have an official hashtag for Social Media?

Yes! Please use #PopUpXC and/or #AutumnOfTrials if you wish!