Pop Up Cross Country at Dix Park 10-10-2017

Here’s a rough map of the course for Pop Up Cross Country at Dix Park on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. We will have cones and volunteers to show you the way.  The course is completely on grass. Make sure to RSVP on Facebook here!

5k will be at 6pm and Kids 1k will be at 6:30pm. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are here. If you have additonal questions, email us: [email protected] Official hashtags are #PopUpXC and #AutumnOfTrials

Hear more about the course on the Summer of Miles podcast episode with Scott Payne of the Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department below (or here)


Week 2 – Course of Payne 5k Course Results

(Check out Jason Honeycutt’s photo album here)

Name Sex Time
Christian Browne M 17:16
Brian Fowler M 17:45
Alan Freeman M 18:18
James East M 18:28
Matt McGuire M 19:05
Jeff Aden M 19:45
Wesley Mickler M 19:49
Tereza Novota F 20:15
Daniel Morelo M 20:24
Jason Endries M 20:25
James Walsh M 20:33
Kevin Rumsey M 20:51
Kyle Ashe M 20:52
Stephen Gore M 20:53
Brian Eller M 21:39
Samuel Bryan M 21:39
Sara Schultz F 21:44
Chris Black M 23:04
Rachel Lahring F 23:51
Keaton Adams M 23:53
Jaime Cottle F 24:33
Peter Kreuser M 24:48
Cade Adams M 25:20
Micah Adams M 25:20
Cruz Adams M 26:58

If you forgot to sign out your time, let us know: [email protected]