Pop Up Cross Country at Dix Park 10-17-2017

Here’s a rough map of the course for Pop Up Cross Country at Dix Park on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. We will have cones and volunteers to show you the way.  The course is completely on grass. Make sure to RSVP on Facebook here!

All races will be at 6pm! There’s a 3 Mile (individual), a 3 x Mile Relay, and a 1 Mile Kids run. FREE! We’ll provide batons for relay teams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are here. If you have additonal questions, email us: [email protected] Official hashtags are #PopUpXC and #AutumnOfTrials

Hear more about Week 3 here, check out the Summer of Miles interview with Raleigh Distance Project’s Andie Cozzarelli and Sarah Rapp:


Week 3 – Relay Night 3 Mile Results

(Photo Album by Jason Honeycutt on Facebook)

Name Sex Time
Christian Browne M 16:25
Musa Gwanzura M 17:14
Damon Nicholas M 19:06
Jason Endries M 20:00
Samuel Bryan M 20:10
Daniel Morelo M 20:17
Tereza Novota F 20:20
Mark Farnsworth M 20:34
John Hall M 20:49
Will Davis M 21:01
Matthew Smith M 21:27
Chris Black M 22:13
Savannah Krupica F 25:00
Holly Spain F 25:28
Jessica Winebrenner F 25:28
Jonathan Duren M 25:31
Cameron Terwilliger F 26:12
Jonathan Cithy M 26:30
Brandon Williams M 28:15
Rebecca Hall F 28:34
Alaina Griffin F 36:04
Todd Griffin M 36:04
Will Scott M 36:04
Zara Collier F 37:04
Jaccob Lee M 41:45

If you forgot to sign out your time, let us know: [email protected]

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