Giving Tuesday

2022 Sir Walter Running Membership

It’s that time of year again and we’re excited to kick off Giving Tuesday with our 2022 Membership Drive as we continue our mission of “Bringing the Greater Raleigh running community together through innovation, activation, and inclusivity.”

2021 was a lot like 2020, but we were able to get 14 events in, including the Greenway 20k, which was the first event allowed by the City of Raleigh after the initial COVID shutdown.

We were also able to bring back our signature event, the Sir Walter Miler! What a night (and weekend) we had with the best weather the Miler has ever seen. We can’t wait to be back in 2022.

Speaking of 2022, we need your help to keep this thing going. So check out the below offerings and join us for more fun on the run!

Some things we’re proud about 2021 (and late 2020):

Some things we’re looking forward to in 2022 (and late 2021):

Squirrel Squad ($25) – The Squirrel Squad is the core of Sir Walter Running and nothing will start your 2022 runs off better than a than some coffee from Raleigh’s own Pine State Coffee. So why not lean in and be part of the squad and get a 6 ounce bag of the Sir Walter Running Blend for your efforts! Your purchase is tax deductible. Free shipping and stickers, plus a random koozie as well! SOLD OUT!

Sir Walter Runner ($100) – The Sir Walter Runners are our billboards. We see you rocking the gear at Umstead, on the ATT, and on the roads. This year we have done something that we’ve never done before: Hoodies AND Sweatshirts. So with your Sir Walter Runner membership, take your pick. Navy Hoodie or Grey (Squirrel) Sweatshirt. Free Shipping, Stickers, and a koozie with your purchase.

Super Squirrel (S250) – Super Squirrels are how Sir Walter Running keeps going year after year. Your contributions here and around Sir Walter Miler help fuel the engine that has made Sir Walter Running a viable non-profit since 2014. With your Super Squirrel Membership, you’ll get a Nike Miler shirt with the Sir Walter Running logo and the Sir Walter Running Hoodie AND Sweatshirt. We’ll ship it free with stickers and koozies!


Want to know more? Check out the latest episode of the Summer of Miles podcast, where we chat about the 2021 Giving Tuesday offerings as well as a breakdown of the Raleigh Holiday Half Marathon. If you’re running the race this weekend, give it a listen!

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