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Tour de Walter Week 2 – Lake Lynn Trail Simulator

After a fun Week 1 McNorth Hills Challenge, we’re onto Week 2 at Lake Lynn with the Lake Lynn Trail Simulator. This will be a fun run around Lake Lynn with a small trail section before the finish.

Again – New this year, there will be an in person option every Tuesday night at 7pm! We won’t be moderating, but feel free to meet up and race with your friends! Note: Please run at your own risk and be careful in the heat!

All Tour de Walter events are FREE to attend and compete in.

Each week, we will spray chalk the start and the finish lines. As long as you are running with GPS enabled device, or the Strava App, your time will start at the starting line and will finish (and register) at the finish line. We will keep full standings, that will update each Sunday. Competitors will have from Monday to Saturday to run the course of the week (as many times as they wish).

Details for each weeks race will be release each Saturday at and via the Sir Walter Running Email List each Sunday night.

What is it? There are few spots in Raleigh that feel like you’re running on a trail, Lake Lynn is one of those. The constant ups and downs around the ~2 mile loop are as close as you’re going to get to Umstead Park, without battling the horseflies! The distance is approximately 2 2/3 miles.

Why is it called the Lake Lynn Trail Simulator? Because even though you’re mostly on asphalt, the ups and downs feel like you’re on the trails.

Where do I park? You can park in the Lake Lynn Parking Lot, which is located at 7921 Ray Road, Raleigh, NC 27613.

Where do I start? At the yellow bollard before the Lake Lynn Trail sign at the back of the Lake Lynn parking lot. You will finish here as well. The Strava route is here.

Start (and finish) at the yellow bollard near the Lake Lynn Trail sign

Where do I turn once I’ve started? There are only a few turns. You’ll go straight and then onto the bridge. You will take your first right on the bridge, and then follow your way around the lake until you get to about 2.25 miles (around the Mile 1 sign), where you will go straight onto the trail to the finish.

You will get onto the initial bridge after coming from the start
You will TAKE AN IMMEDIATE RIGHT on the bridge to start around the lake in a counter clockwise manner.
At around 2.25 miles (near the Mile 1 sign), you will stay straight ONTO THE TRAIL and then to the finish, back where you started.
When you see “MiILE 1,” stay straight onto the trail (not the bridge)
You’ll pass the initial bridge you went onto on your left, but stay straight and head towards the finish, back where you started.

Where do I finish? Back where you started!

What do I do after I finish? Play some tennis, check out the ducks, or jog some more!

When can I run? Anytime between now and midnight on Saturday, July 17th. Results will be posted Sunday, July 18. And new this year, there will be an in person option every Tuesday night at 7pm!

Where will I see the standings? Below, and here (Make sure you filter accordingly). Also, if you haven’t already, visit the Sir Walter Running Strava Club page (make sure and join, so that your marks count).

What do I win? The 2 fastest Male and Female times this week will receive a special edition 2021 Sir Walter Miler koozie! More awards will be announced soon!

Is there an overall competition? Of course! Below are results from Week 1: McNorth Hills Challenge

Women’s Results

Name Time
Kate Sanborn 16:39
Lauren Archer 17:15
Kristen Giombi 19:00
Bri Gaal 19:06
Julie Bryer 19:22
Carly Babinec 19:45
Christine Brugh 20:37
Justine Knight 20:47
Caroline Moakley 21:53
Tricity Andrew 23:11
Charline Woods 25:15:00
laurel streng 26:07:00
Katherine Harris 28:20:00
Sara Christoph 31:20:00
Jill Zalewski 34:12:00

Men’s Results

Name Time
Michael Babinec 13:55
Ryan Mills (F3 Walter White) 14:38
Alex Domiano 14:39
Dwayne Dixon 14:58
Wade Miller 15:39
Tim Gubitz 15:12
Marshall Ward 15:56
Spencer Husen 16:24
Alan Freeman 16:57
Alex Pearce 16:57
Michael Peck 17:05
Brendan Murray 17:11
Jeff Aden 17:22
Norman Carew 17:29
Aaron Quirk 17:31
Tony Vrana 17:51
Sam Burnett 18:26
Kevin Mackay 18:27
Kyle Tolbert 18:35
George M 19:13
Duncan Birne 19:39
Adam Bernot 20:16
Wesley Mickler 20:23
Mike McKenzie 20:49
James Walsh 20:50
Joshua Reinke 20:57
Justin Kearney 21:10
Josh Boyle 21:13
Keith Downing 21:22
Marty Gaal 21:28
Steven Hill 21:39
Kevin Rumsey 21:45
Chris Voss 21:47
Dave Lewis 22:45
Sterling Brockwell 23:35
Todd G 24:02:00
Sean ONeal 24:03:00
ryan schanz 25:45:00
Kevin Houghton 25:49:00
Martin Petherbridge 26:43:00
Jason Honeycutt 27:06:00
Kenny Finch (F3 Beefcake) 27:33:00

Have questions or need to send us your time? [email protected]

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