Neuse River Relay

While we can’t “truly race” right now, we wanted to “test out” an event we’ve been discussing for years, the Neuse River Relay, a true Ekiden right here in Raleigh. Similar to the Tuna Run, the Blue Ridge Relay, and other multistage relays, we hope to put it on officially in 2021. We welcome your feedback!

What is it?

  • The Neuse River Relay is an Ekiden along the Neuse River Greenway, starting at Falls Dam, and finishing at Mial Plantation. What’s an Ekiden? A long-distance running multistage relay race. For the Neuse River Relay, there will be 5 legs, totaling a marathon in distance. Ekiden translates to “messenger.”

When is it?

  • Saturday, November 7th. This is an unofficial event, and will be treated like a Strava Challenge, but teams will be assigned wave start times (based on predicted finish times), if requested. Teams can also run at the time of their choosing and submit results virtually.

Is this an Official Race?

  • No. This is an exhibition/virtual test event. There is no entry fee. Hopefully we’ll be able to officially produce this race in 2021.

Where is the start?

  • At the start of the Neuse River Greenway at Falls Dam (9745 Fonville Rd, Wake Forest, NC 27587).

Where is the finish?

  • Mial Plantation, just before the Wake County line (6090 Mial Plantation Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610).

How far is each leg? (Click Leg for info on each)

  • Leg 1 – 10k – Falls Dam to just before the turn at WRAL Soccer Park
  • Leg 2 – 8k – WRAL to Buffaloe Road Athletic Park, shortly after boat launch
  • Leg 3 – 10k – Buffaloe Road to Anderson Point Park
  • Leg 4 – 10k – Anderson Point Park to Brownfield, right before road crossing
  • Leg 5 – 4.195k – Brown Field Road to Mial Plantation

*Legs will be official measured to USATF certified specifications by Brad Smythe with Clockwork Race Timing. Official Strava segments will be named and posted as we get closer to November 7.

Team Name Time Division
Pine State Party Squad 2:34:40 Men
F3 Dad Squad 2:43:30 Men
Washed Up Track Club 2:48:15 Coed
The Fellowship of the Run 2:52:40 Men
Sweet Potatoes 2:56:49 Coed
Slippery Sponges 3:00:00 Men
We Got Bob Savino 3:03:20 Men
Pendo 3:04:10 Men
Relay Re-Do 3:15:05 Coed
Granville Runners 3:15:45 Coed
F3-OTB 3:17:15 Men
Joco Runners 3:17:30 Men
Team Harvest Cary 3:20:20 Men
On Your Left! 3:22:10 Men
NCRC – Women 3:23:50 Women
Kicking Asphalt 3:24:45 Coed
Team O’Dark Thirty 3:30:10 Women
COVID26.2 3:32:00 Coed
Step 2 Crew 3:32:50 Men
Flying Cougars 3:38:25 Men
NCRC Men 3:39:10 Men
NCRC – Co-ed 3:39:10 Coed
The Pursuit 3:40:00 Coed
Finley Express 3:46:10 Coed
No ‘Rona Runner 3:46:22 Coed
Friends of Nygaard 3:47:20 Men
Streak on the Parkway 3:53:05 Coed
Beauchamp’s Champs 4:03:40 Women
Pimp My Stride 4:04:30 Coed
Omega Remix 4:08:20 Women
Every Jog Counts, Just Go! 4:28:15 Women
Raleigh RunningNutz 4:43:00 Coed
*Send any corrections to [email protected]

How many teams will be permitted?

Who can be on a team?

  • Teams can be all Male, all Female, or Coed (with at least 40% of each sex represented). Teams should be 5 runners, but exceptions can be made for those that wish to run multiple legs. Acceptance will lean towards teams with 5 runners first.

Will masks be required?

  • Masks will be required at the start, or while waiting on teammates at the start/finish of each leg. Once you start running, you can put the mask in your pocket.
Sashes not required (Photo courtesy of

Will there be a sash to pass between teammates?

  • Under normal circumstances, yes. This year, no. Once your teammate crosses the finish line of their leg, the next teammate can begin. Each team will have a name and will be assigned a team number. If teams want to create their own sash and run with it, we are ok with that.

How can I sign up?

  • Teams will need captains and they can sign up to be considered. Application is closed.
  • We could use a few Volunteers (aka Squirrel Squad) as well. Shoot us an email and we’ll fill you in on needs.

Will results be posted?

  • Yes. Unofficial results will be kept for the overall distance, and Strava will house results for each leg. We will update the official legs/segments closer to the race.

Are there rules?

  • Keep your social distance. Unless passing someone, stay at least 6 feet away.
  • Have a mask on your person at all times.
  • This is unofficial, so share the trail. Do not run more than 2 abreast and be respectful of others.
  • If you have any symptoms, do not run or come to cheer your friends. Stay home.
The Michigan Pro Ekiden is 10/21. Details are here.

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