Neuse River Relay – Leg 1 (10k)

The first leg of the Neuse River Relay is a 10k is a pretty one this time of year. Plenty of leaves and acorns will cover the mostly dead flat 10k. You’ll start at Falls Dam and finish just before WRAL Soccer Park.

Leg 1 Start at Falls Dam

Where do I start?

At the Falls Lake Dam. The start is marked at the top of the trail, just before you go under the bridge.

Leg 1 Finish / Leg 2 Start
Benches and Bike rack by Leg 1 Finish / Leg 2 Start

Where do I finish?

About 1/4 mile before you get to the WRAL Soccer Park.

Where do I park?

For the start, you’ll park at Falls Dam. There are 2 parking lots. The one by the start, and the bigger one about 1/4 mile in. The parking lot by the start is at 11504 Old Falls of Neuse Rd, Wake Forest, NC 27614. The bigger parking lot is 12098 Old Falls of Neuse Rd, Wake Forest, NC 27614.

For the finish, you’ll want to park in the back of the WRAL Soccer Park (near Field 12) where the entrance to the Neuse River Greenway is. The address there is 7700 Perry Creek Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616. Note: You’ll want to walk about 1/4 mile back towards the dam to the Leg 2 start.

Anything interesting about Leg 1?

This leg is flat and mostly straight. There will be a few side trails that you will not take. Stay on the Neuse River Greenway and you’ll be fine!

Strava Segment

Next up is Leg 2 (8k)

Neuse River Relay home

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