Tour de Walter

2022 Tour de Walter Week 3: TDW Classic – Green Hills 5k

So you like Strava Challenges? We have another for you! If you haven’t already, join the Sir Walter Running Strava club! You can even go to and it will forward you to the right place.

The 2022 Pop Up Miles Season is over and the Tour de Walter has just begun! We’ll announce a new challenge every Monday (or maybe Sunday night), and it will run through the following Saturday at Midnight. All of these are in celebration of the 2022 Sir Walter Miler, which will be held Friday, August 5th at Cardinal Gibbons. We’ll talk about these Strava Challenges of upcoming episodes of the Summer of Miles podcast, so make sure and subscribe!

TDW Classic: Green Hills 5k

What is it? The Green Hills 5k was once named something else, and is a great place to run, bike, and sightsee! You’ll do two clockwise loops around and then head up to the top for a fun, but challenging (at least the last .3 miles) 5k!

Want to run with friends? Feel free to meet up Tuesdays at 7pm, just let the Pop Up Miles. No official start, so bring your own whistle!

Where is it? Green Hills County Park, 9300 Deponie Drive, Raleigh, NC 27614. Note: Park doesn’t open until 8am and gates will be locked!

Where is the start (and where do I run)? Once you park in the main parking lot, you’ll have about a 1000 meter jog/walk to the starting line (the yellow post/crack in the road), if you run clockwise (the appropriate way). The ~5k route will include 2 of the clockwise road loops (~1.4 miles each), and then you’ll go up this trail for a challenging last ~0.3 miles.

Start at the yellow post (on the road) and head clockwise for 2 laps!

Where is the finish? After the 2 road loops, take the hard right here up the trail about ~0.3 miles and the finish is through the middle of the rocks at the top.

After 2 loops, head up!
Go through these rocks to finish!

When should I run? It’s hot, so we recommend the coolest part of the day, as there is NO shade! Just run by midnight on Saturday, July 23.

Where will I see the standings? See below and filter accordingly. And we’ll update the cumulative weekly!

What do I win? We will have a random drawing for 2 entries to the Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile, which will be held on Saturday, August 6th, the day after the Sir Walter Miler. With a steady 130 foot drop from start to finish, it’s the fastest road mile in North Carolina! More info on the race is at

Tour de Walter? Yes. This is the third of a 4 segment Challenge called the Tour de Walter, in honor of the Tour de France. Everyone that competes all 4 segments will get a Tour de Walter koozie, and the Male and Female with the lowest overall time will get VIP seating at the 2022 Sir Walter Miler.

The Official Strava Segment:

Week 2 Standings – The Dix 2000

Rank Name Sex Time
1 Clayson Shumway M 6:15
2 Marshall Ward M 6:40
3 Steven Hill M 6:50
4 Johan Pennerat M 7:04
5 Sam Burnett M 7:20
6 Brady Thomas M 7:21
6 Matt Robinson M 7:21
8 Alan Freeman M 7:28
9 Wesley A. Owens M 7:32
10 Jeff Caron M 7:35
11 Tony McDermott M 8:08
12 Kristen Giombi F 8:12
13 Kevin Rumsey M 8:34
14 Julie Bryer F 8:58
15 Tricity Andrew F 9:03
16 Justin Kearney M 9:06
17 Eddie Staples M 9:31
18 Chris Voss M 9:32
19 Jay Honeycutt M 9:58
20 Wes Lewis M 10:18
21 Jillian Grove F 10:29
22 Matt Toups M 10:34
23 Rachel Denler F 10:59
24 Caroline Moakley F 11:26
25 Jon Baker M 11:31
26 Beth Robinson F 12:00
27 Rohith Reddy MV M 13:46
28 Luke Bhothipiti M 16:34

Raffle Winners: Congrats to Clayson Shumway and Rachel Denler. Email us for your complimentary entry to the Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile, which will be held Saturday, August 6th!

Cumulative Standings

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