Strava Challenge #5 – Mount Trashmore 5k

So you like Strava Challenges? We have another for you! If you haven’t already, join the Sir Walter Running Strava club: (and click join). You can even go to

After a Winter hiatus, we’re getting closer to the 2018 Summer of Miles, which will include the Nash UNC Health Care Rocket Mile in Rocket Mount, the Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile, the Pop Up Miles Series, and of course, the Sir Walter Miler. Also… Sir Walter Running Strava Challenges are back! In honor of the Barkley Marathons going on this weekend, we’ve set up a scavenger hunt of sorts, but we can assure you won’t get lost, and that no one will play “Taps” on the bugle for you if you don’t finish!

What is it? The “Mount Trashmore 5k”

Where is it? North Wake Landfill District Park at 9300 Deponie Dr, Raleigh, NC 27614 (follow the road to the parking lot)

Where is the start (and where do I run)? Once you park in the main parking lot, you’ll have about a 1000 meter jog/walk to the starting line (the yellow post/crack in the road), if you run clockwise (the appropriate way). The ~5k route will include 2 of the clockwise road loops (~1.4 miles each), and then you’ll go up this trail for a challenging last ~0.3 miles.


Where is the finish? After the 2 road loops, take the hard right here up the trail about ~0.3 miles and the finish is through the middle of the rocks at the top.

What next? You’ll want to walk to the edge of the plateau on the top and see below for the clue as to where the plastic baggy is with the “golden tickets.”


The Golden Tickets live here


What do I win? There are 10 Sir Walter Miler stickers with a prize listed on the back. Only take 1! Either tag @sirwalterrunning on Instagram, or email us your photo. We must see you’ve completed the segment on Strava too, so don’t get an extra for you friend/coworker/dogwalker.

These can be redeemed at the “First Friday: 2018 Sir Walter Miler Logo Reveal” on Friday, April 6th at Runologie. The fastest Male and Female time will also get free entry to the VIP area at the 2018 Sir Walter Miler! You must get your times in by 5:59pm on Friday, April 6, 2018.

What’s up for grabs? (Update: More tickets dropped 3/29. Details:

The Official Strava Segment:

Have questions? Let us know: [email protected]

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