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2022 Tour De Walter Week 4: TDW Classic – Lassiter Falls Ghost 5k

So you like Strava Challenges? We have another for you! If you haven’t already, join the Sir Walter Running Strava club! You can even go to and it will forward you to the right place. New here? Here’s a primer to Sir Walter Running Strava Challenges.

What is it? Finishing off the 2022 Tour de Walter is the 2019 Classic, the Lassiter Falls Ghost 5k, a rolling loop that starts and finishes at the back of Lassiter Falls Circle (by the waterfall), and climbs up the Lassiter Mill hill, before meandering back through the neighborhoods.

Why is it called the Lassiter Falls Ghost 5k? Hmm…

Where do I park? Lassiter Mill Park is located at 3362 Lassiter Falls Cir, Raleigh, NC 27609. There should be plenty of parking. It is at the bottom of Lassiter Mill Road.

Where do I start? You will start at the back of the parking lot, at the beginning of the greenway. This is the same place you will finish. There are 2 poles with no signs on them. This is your starting line.

Where do I turn once I’ve started? There are a few more turns on this one than usual, so if you need to, print out this first image, or save it to your phone.

Here are the step by step instructions

Start by the poles at the end of Lassiter Falls Circle
Left onto Lassiter Mill Road
Up Lassiter Mill and Left onto Lakestone Drive
Stay to the right when Lakestone dead ends (onto Lakestone)
When Lakestone ends, take a Right on Marlowe Road
When Marlowe ends, take a Left onto Yadkin Drive
After you cross the bridge, take a Left onto Alleghany Drive
When Alleghany ends, take a Left on Transylvania Avenue
When Transylvania ends, take a Right onto Beaufort Street
Shortly after getting onto Beaufort, take a Left onto Brunswick Street
To get back to Lassiter Mill, take a Right onto Northampton Street, which is the Crabtree Creek Trail
Off the Greenway, take a Left back onto Lassiter Mill Road
Once you get to Lassiter Falls Circle, take a Slight Left back onto the Greenway (towards where you started)

Where do I finish? Back where you started!

Finish back at the 2 poles that have no signs

What do I do after I finish? Check out the waterfall!

There’s actually a beach down there

When can I run? Anytime between now and midnight on Sunday, July 31st.

Where will I see the standings? Below, and here (Make sure you filter accordingly). Also, if you haven’t already, visit the Sir Walter Running Strava Club page (make sure and join, so that your marks count).

What do I win? The fastest Male and Female time for Week 4 will receive a Sir Walter Miler T-Shirt of their choosing! Everyone that completes all 4 Challenges will receive a Sir Walter Miler koozie. Check out the Tour de Walter page for Standings and more information.

Week 3 Standings – Green Hills 5k

Rank Name Sex Time
1 Marshall Ward M 17:52
2 Johan Pennerat M 19:32
3 Matt Robinson M 20:48
4 Sam Burnett M 21:07
4 Jeff Caron M 21:07
6 Alan Freeman M 21:38
7 Kevin Rumsey M 23:12
8 Travis Wills M 23:57
9 Justin Kearney M 24:44:00
10 Kristen Giombi F 25:28:00
11 Julie Bryer F 26:33:00
12 Jay Honeycutt M 27:38:00
13 Jeremy Teed M 27:40:00
14 Rachel Denler F 27:47:00
15 Wes Lewis M 28:41:00
16 Perry Boseman M 33:28:00
17 Brian Lee M 33:53:00

Week 4 – Lassiter Falls Ghost 5k

Rank Name Sex Time
1 Marshall Ward M 17:44
2 Johan Pennerat M 18:38
3 Sam Burnett M 20:22
4 Alan Freeman M 20:59
5 Jeff Caron M 21:59
6 Kristen Giombi F 22:20
7 Matt Robinson M 22:54
8 Kevin Rumsey M 23:28
9 Julie Bryer F 23:46
10 Justin Kearney M 24:06:00
11 Wesley A. Owens M 24:16:00
12 Jay Honeycutt M 24:25:00
13 megan arnold F 25:56:00
14 Matthew Dey M 26:04:00
15 Clayton Allen M 26:09:00
16 Bill Bryan M 26:12:00
17 Rachel Denler F 27:10:00
18 Steven Hill M 27:56:00
19 Caroline Moakley F 27:58:00
20 Matt Toups M 28:25:00
21 Jillian Grove M 29:54:00
22 Matthew Case M 31:21:00
23 Crystal Burnett F 32:51:00

Final Standings

Congrats to Marshall Ward and Kristen Giombi on Overall Wins!

Men’s Results

  1. Marshall Ward – 56:45 
  2. Johan Pennerat – 67:25
  3. Jeff Caron – 68:02
  4. Kevin Rumsey – 74:10
  5. Justin Kearney – 79:33
  6. Jason Honeycutt – 83:20

Women’s Results

  1. Kristen Giombi – 73:41
  2. Julie Bryer – 79:19
  3. Rachel Denler – 95:09

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