Strava Challenge #6 – Mid Pines Barn Run

So you like Strava Challenges? We have another for you! If you haven’t already, join the Sir Walter Running Strava club! You can even go to and it will forward you to the right place.

The 2018 Pop Up Miles Season is over and the Strava Challenge Season has just begun! We’ll announce a Strava Challenge every Tuesday (or maybe Monday night), and it will run through the following Monday at Midnight. All of these are in celebration of the 2018 Sir Walter Miler, which will be held Friday, August 3rd at Meredith College. We’ll talk about these Strava Challenges of upcoming episodes of the Summer of Miles podcast, so make sure and subscribe!

What is it? The Mid Pines Barn Run, an out and back 2.5 mile jaunt over a gravel road in the heart of farm country.

Where is it? Mid Pines Road, which connects Lake Wheeler Road and Tryon Road. To set your GPS to the start, put in 5312 Mid Pines Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603. You can park on the side of the road, and you will start (and finish) where the gravel meets the asphalt.

Where is the start (and where do I run)? Once you park (see below), you will start like the photo above and go out for about 1.25 miles. You’ll pass a few State-run, and NC State-run farms (and some livestock). The surface is crush and run; so it’s soft, but a little rocky.

Where do I turn around? After you go up a hill, you will see a few traffic signs near Lake Wheeler Road. Turn around at the 2nd sign, which is a square, not the pole with 2 signs. See below. We may throw a few Sir Walter stickets on the back (facing you as you approach).

Where do I finish:? Back where you started! Once you’ve hit the asphalt, you’ve done it! Pat yourself on the back.

When should I run? We recommend Sunset, but anytime is a good time for a run. Be careful in the heat!

Where will I see the standings? We’ll update them weekly on the Sir Walter Running Strava Club page (make sure and join, so that your marks count), as well as on the next week’s Strava Challenge page.

What do I win? We will have a random drawing for 2 Summer of Miles tank tops next Tuesday for ANYONE that completes this Challenge. before Monday, July 9 at Midnight. Also, anyone who completes this Challenge can email us for a code for a $25 postrun polo! Learn more about them below and check out the available colors and sizes in the Sir Walter Merch store.

Tour de Walter? Yes. This is the first of a 4 segment Challenge called the Tour de Walter, in honor of the Tour de France. Everyone that competes all 4 segments will get a Tour de Walter tank top, and the Male and Female with the lowest overall times will get a pair of the Runologie x Sir Walter Miler goodr sunglasses that commemorate Sir Walter Miler 5! (now in stock at Runologie)!

The Official Strava Segment:

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