Strava Challenge #13 – Mid Pines Surf & Turf 7.5k

So you like Strava Challenges? We have another for you! If you haven’t already, join the Sir Walter Running Strava club! You can even go to and it will forward you to the right place. New here? Here’s a primer to Sir Walter Running Strava Challenges. And here’s more information on the Tour de Walter.

What is it? After the popularity of last years Mid Pines Barn Run, we decided to do a new spin on the “longest dirt road in Raleigh” for Leg #2 of this years Tour de Walter. This time you’ll start on the other end, and you’ll go almost twice as far. It’s a good, rolling effort that will spend a little over half the run on the gravel, and little over 2 miles on the asphalt. Note: this is rocky gravel, so you probably don’t want to wear racing flats, spikes, or Vibrams. The asphalt is very weathered as well, so protect your feet!

Where do I park? You should be able to park on the side of the road, in the grass. Put in 5099 Mid Pines Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603 into your GPS and that should take you there. It’s on the corner of Lake Wheeler Road and Mid Pines Road.

If you come in off Lake Wheeler, there is no ‘Mid Pines’ street sign. Look for this.

Where do I start? At the 35 miles per hour sign. This is where you will finish as well.

Where do I turn once I’ve started? It’s a straight out and back. You’ll turn around at the stop sign when you get to Tryon Road. Below are some of the landmarks.

At around 1.25 miles, you go off the gravel, and head onto the asphalt.
You’ll want to turn around once you hit the stop sign at Tryon Road.
After turning around at the stop sign, you’ll have a nice downhill view.
You’ll head back onto the gravel a little before 3.5 miles

Where do I finish? Back where you started!

The back of the 35mph sign is your finish line.

What do I do after I finish? Check out the cows!

When can I run? Anytime between now and midnight on Sunday, July 14th.

Where will I see the standings? Below, and here (Make sure you filter accordingly). Also, if you haven’t already, visit the Sir Walter Running Strava Club page (make sure and join, so that your marks count).

What do I win? The fastest Male and Female time for Week 2 will recieve a Sir Walter Squirrel T-Shirt! Everyone that completes all 4 Challenges will recieve a Tour de Walter koozie. Check out the Tour de Walter page for Standings and more information.

How about the Overall standings? Overall Tour de Walter Standings are here, and you can check out standings from the Lassiter Falls Ghost 5k” here

Have questions? Let us know: [email protected]

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