Strava Challenge #7 – Mt. Greenway

So you like Strava Challenges? We have another for you! If you haven’t already, join the Sir Walter Running Strava club! You can even go to and it will forward you to the right place.

The Tour de Walter is off and running with the first leg in the can. Thanks to everyone that completed the Mid Pines Barn Run last week. The Overall Tour Standings are at the bottom of this page. Now, for the Mt. Greenway Challenge!

What is it? Mt. Greenway is a section of the Crabtree Creek Greenway that connects to Anderson Point Park, which lands you at about Mile 16 of the Neuse River Trail. It is an out and back that starts at Raleigh Boulevard and turns back around at Milburnie Road. The out and back is around 4.5-4.6 miles, with a big ole hill about halfway in. Apparently it’s called Pump Station Hill. You’ll know it when you see it! It’s a bruiser.

Where do I park? The easiest thing to do is put 2311 Crabtree Boulevard, Raleigh, NC 27604 into your GPS and park in the gravel lot on Crabtree Boulevard. To get to the start, look out from the parking lot towards the street and you’ll go right up to the intersection of Crabtree Boulevard and Raleigh Boulevard, which is the entrance to the greenway.

Park here, then go right

Where is the start? You will start at the yellow post on the greenway on Raleigh Boulevard. This is where Crabtree Boulevard runs into Raleigh Boulevard.

Look to the right at the light
Start at the yellow post

Is there a special King of the Mountain segment in the middle? Yes. Right after you pass Crabtree Park, you’ll go around the bend and will see a hill on your right. Pick it up at the telephone pole and put in a good 350 meter effort or so. You’ll go up, it will flatten a little, then you’ll go up again. You’ll see the final tree at the crest of the hill, where you will know you’re done. Top Men’s and Women’s times here will get their choice of Sir Walter related shirt in the Merch Store, and bragging rights. Segment info is here (and below).

Start at the Telephone Pole
When you see this, GO!
Finish at the tree at the crest of the 2nd hill, about .2 miles up

Where do I turn around? At Milburnie Road, approximately 2.25-2.3 miles in, you’ll run around the yellow post and head back to where you started.

Where do I finish:? Back where you started! Once you hit Raleigh Boulevard, you’re done. Walk back down Crabtree Boulevard to the parking lot, or…

Go eat afterwards! At the Gateway, of course. Lots of exciting things happening in that closeby shopping center, with the Gateway being the anchor. Tell Martina you ran Mt. Greenway and maybe she’ll give you an extra piece of bacon, or bread.

Where will I see the standings? Below! Also, if you haven’t already, visit the Sir Walter Running Strava Club page (make sure and join, so that your marks count).

What do I win? Again, we will have a random drawing for 2 Summer of Miles tank tops next Tuesday for ANYONE that completes this Challenge before Monday, July 16 at Midnight.

Tour de Walter? This is the 2nd of a 4 segment Challenge called the Tour de Walter, in honor of the Tour de France. Everyone that competes all 4 segments will get a Tour de Walter tank top, and the Male and Female with the lowest overall times will get a pair of the Runologie x Sir Walter Miler goodr sunglasses that commemorate Sir Walter Miler 5! (now in stock at Runologie)!

Check out the Summer of Miles podcast for the latest on the Tour de Walter!

The Official Mt. Greenway Strava Segment:

The Official “King of the Mountain” Pump Station Hill Segment:

Mid Pines Barn Run Recap

Big thanks to everyone that completed the Mid Pines Barn Run. Certainly our biggest Strava Challenge ever! The Yellow Jerseys came out of the last day with Alan Freeman sneaking past Spencer Husen with a time of 15:07, and Laura Berry blasting the field in 16:29! Tank Top Winners were Samuel Bryan and Cheryl Boylan. These were done via Random Number Generator. Please email us and we’ll get you your tanks!

Men’s Standings after Mid Pines

Rank Name Mid Pines Time Differential
1 Alan Freeman 15:07:00 0
2 Spencer Husen 15:09:00 0:02:00
3 Andrew Reifman-Packett 15:10:00 0:03:00
4 Matthew Staehle 15:11:00 0:04:00
5 Danny Sodano 15:17:00 0:10:00
6 Nick Meeker 15:34:00 0:27:00
7 David Wherry 16:13:00 1:06:00
8 Wes Lewis 16:14:00 1:07:00
9 Brendan Murray 16:17:00 1:10:00
10 Hughes Burridge 16:46:00 1:39:00
11 Samuel Bryan 17:23:00 2:16:00
12 James Walsh 17:42:00 2:35:00
13 Chris Bosken 17:58:00 2:51:00
14 Gordie Taylor 18:07:00 3:00:00
15 Chris Voss 18:17:00 3:10:00
16 Tyler Dunston 18:19:00 3:12:00
17 Tony Le 18:19:00 3:12:00
18 Greg Little 19:08:00 4:01:00
19 Jason Honeycutt 19:11:00 4:04:00
20 Art Sheppard 19:18:00 4:11:00
21 Christian K 19:29:00 4:22:00
22 Matt Bader 19:31:00 4:24:00
23 Joe Dillon 19:37:00 4:30:00
24 Steven Hill 20:16:00 5:09:00
25 Jonathan Citty 20:58:00 5:51:00
26 Mike Lotito 21:00:00 5:53:00
27 Craig Conklin 21:24:00 6:17:00
28 William Harris 21:31:00 6:24:00
29 Les Abbott Jr 21:46:00 6:39:00
30 Joe Winegarden 21:47:00 6:40:00
31 Kevin Rumsey 21:51:00 6:44:00
32 Dustin Riedesel 22:04:00 6:57:00
33 Sean ONeal 23:08:00 8:01:00
34 Jim Presto 23:47:00 8:40:00
35 Justin Kearney 24:05:00 8:58:00
36 John Huisman 24:58:00 9:51:00
37 Todd G 25:03:00 9:56:00
38 Art Baldini 25:45:00 10:38:00
39 Brett Mireau 27:12:00 12:05:00
40 Don Hazelwood 27:23:00 12:16:00


Women’s Standings after Mid Pines

Rank Name Mid Pines Time Differential
1 Laura Berry 16:29:00 0
2 Rhea Deroian 17:03:00 0:34:00
3 Tricity Andrew 19:08:00 2:39:00
4 Caroline Moakley 20:10:00 3:41:00
5 Alicia Bader 20:31:00 4:02:00
6 Allaire Welk 20:34:00 4:05:00
7 Cheryl Boylan 20:59:00 4:30:00
8 Kate Mueller 21:34:00 5:05:00
9 Anne Pursifull 21:55:00 5:26:00
10 Charline Woods 23:02:00 6:33:00
11 Jennifer Cassada 25:03:00 8:34:00
12 Emily Gaines 25:48:00 9:19:00


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