Pop Up Miles

Pop Ups Championship / Sir Walter Miler Qualifier Friday at Meredith!

Thanks for coming out the past 4 weeks. Here’s to a fun final night!

Here’s a few things worth checking out:

Race Winners who have run      M – 4:10.00 (3:51.50 1500m) &   F – 4:45.00 (4:23.90 1500m) on 1/1/2022 or later gain entry into the 2022 Sir Walter Miler Field.

Women’s Pop Up Championship Qualifiers

Name Time Confirmed?
Nikki Long 4:54 Scratched
Andie Cozzarelli 4:59
Cassidy Heaton 5:04 Confirmed
Deanna Roberts 5:08 Confirmed
Jackie Schane 5:10 Scratched
Calista Ariel 5:11 Confirmed
B. Bach 5:13
Morgan Pennington 5:21 Scratched
Alex Wilkinson 5:24 Confirmed
Naomi Greengrass 5:27 Confirmed
Kaitlyn Estep 5:29 Confirmed
Mallory Rettenmeier 5:29
Megan Mansy 800 Auto Confirmed

Men’s Pop Up Championship Qualifiers

Name Time Confirmed?
Drew Topoly 4:19 Confirmed
Trevor Touchton 4:20 Confirmed
Ethan Gallagher 4:22 Scratched
Omer Abdulrahman 4:23 Confirmed
Travis Prejean 4:24 Scratched
Bryce McAndrew 4:26 Confirmed
Dylan Buffington 4:27 Confirmed
Jordan Schlitt 4:29 Confirmed
Ryan Mills 4:29 Scratched
Zack Clark 4:30
Mitch Germann 4:32 Scratched
James Vlasis 4:35 Scratched
Michael Babinec 4:36 Scratched
Jack Brunecz 4:37 Scratched
James Hamblin 4:37 Confirmed
Brian Gorman 4:38
Justin Allen 4:40
Dylan Lowry & Matt Willis Auto Confirmed

If you’re on this list, you’re in for Friday. Send us an email to confirm you’re coming Friday.

Information about this week’s Pop Up Miles events

  • Thanks for following the rules last week. Again: DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG. Our insurance and ability to put the events on depends on this, so please leave your pups at home!
  • We’re at Meredith! This track is all weather/rubberized, so spikes are permitted! The track opens at 6pm.
  • Sir Walter Running is paying $250 each week to rent the track, so please donate in the box at the event, or Venmo @SirWalterMiler so we can continue to use this nice track!
  • Parking – Attendees can park on the main drive or in any lot surrounding the track (any lot circled below).

Race Order for Friday, July 1 at Meredith

  1. 7:00pm – Open Mile (we may expand to 2 heats due to numbers)
  2. 7:10pm – Women’s Championship Mile
  3. 7:20pm – Men’s Championship Mile
  4. 7:30pm – 4×400 – We’ll provide batons, so pick your teams at the track!
  5. 8:00pm – Track closes / Optional After Party at Raleigh Brewing Company

7 Helpful Reminders

  1. This is a Pop Up Miles event. Please bring your own water/sports drinks.
  2. Please dispose of all trash properly. We’re all in this together.
  3. We will have access to bathrooms. Maybe bring your own TP.
  4. Ask mentioned above, renting the track each week costs Sir Walter Running $250, so please bring a small donation for the 2022 Sir Walter Miler or Paypal [email protected] (we pay insurance for these meets, just in case). We put every dollar back into this. Help us help you. We have a Venmo too! @SirWalterMiler
  5. We’ll have a clock and will be calling splits. You’ll need to sign in your time after your race completes. This is how we post results. Honor system.
  6. We will have a waiver for you to sign saying you are running on your own accord.
  7. Results will be posted at PopUpMiles.com

Some more things on the schedule: