Tour de Walter

2023 Tour de Walter Week 4 – Lake Johnson Trail & Bail

So you like Strava Challenges? We have another for you! If you haven’t already, join the Sir Walter Running Strava club!

The 2023 Tour de Walter is off and running! We’ll announce a new challenge every Monday (or maybe Sunday night), and it will run through the following Saturday at Midnight. All of these are in celebration of the 2023 Sir Walter Miler, which will be held Friday, August 4th, back at Meredith. We’ll talk about these Strava Challenges of upcoming episodes of the Summer of Miles podcast, so make sure and subscribe!

2023 Tour de Walter – Stage 4: Lake Johnson Trail & Bail

What is it? The Highland Trail at Lake Johnson is now complete, so why not throw it in for a segment, with the woodchip trail for a nice start/finish. The first half is tricky, the second half is not. You may want to save the Strava route to your phone to make sure you are on course for a test run before “racing” it.

Want to run with friends? Feel free to meet up Tuesdays at 7pm, just like the Pop Up Miles. No official start, so bring your own whistle!

Where is it? On the trail side of Lake Johnson (on the other side of the road from the parking lot). The address for the parking lot is 4601 Avent Ferry Road, Raleigh, NC 27606.

Where is the start (and where do I run)? Start at the first manhole on the woodchip section. You’ll run about 200m before turning off on the right to the Highland Trail. You’ll snake your way through there and then head straight back to the finish on the woodchip loop.

Start at the first manhole on the woodchip section
After about 200 meters, you’ll veer off to the right onto the Highland Trail
After you cross over a trail around .3 miles, make sure and go left on this section.
At about .57 miles, veer right on the trail, and then at .7, veer left, which will take you back to the woodchip trail, where you’ll veer left and head straight about 1000m back to the finish

Where do I finish? At the same place you started. The last manhole!


When should I run? The segment is shaded, but it’s been hot lately, so plan accordingly.

Where will I see the standings? See below and filter accordingly. And we’ll update the cumulative weekly!

Tag Sir Walter Running in your Strava comments so we know you meant to complete the segement (and weren’t just out for a jog)!

Update your Privacy Settings! If you want your run to register, you must go into your run in Strava after it populates and adjust the privacy settings on that run (to not hide the start and finish).

The Official Strava Segment: (and here’s the official route:

What do I win? We will have a random drawing for 2 entries to the Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile on Saturday, August 5th!

What exactly is the Tour de Walter? Yes. This is the last of a 4 segment Challenge called the Tour de Walter, in honor of the Tour de France. Everyone that competes all 4 segments will get a Tour de Walter koozie, and the Male and Female with the lowest overall time will get VIP seating at the 2023 Sir Walter Miler.

Week 3 – Art Museum Mile Results

Name Sex Time
Marshall Ward M 5:13
Joshua Dwight M 5:14
Johan Pennerat M 5:22
Brendan Murray M 5:24
Wesley Sommer M 5:55
Wesley Mickler M 6:01
Ziggy Struna M 6:04
David Broud M 6:05
Michael Dunn M 6:18
Alex Rogers M 6:22
Kyle Tolbert M 6:32
Maddie Stambaugh F 6:46
Julie Bryer F 6:46
Chris Voss M 6:54
Kristen Giombi F 6:56
Lucy Shearer F 7:06
Rhea Deroian F 7:21
Kevin Rumsey M 7:39
Alex Peterson M 7:45
Megan Arnold F 8:06
Charline Woods F 8:08
Caroline Moakley F 9:35
Julie Ross F 9:35
Gaby Cross F 9:51
Wesley Owens M 9:51
Lauren Granger F 10:04
Susan Carl F 11:51
Jill Zalewski F 14:21

2023 Tour de Walter Overall Results (through 3 stages)

Name Sex Time
Joshua Dwight M 10:25
Marshall Ward M 10:50
Johan Pennerat M 11:02
Brendan Murray M 11:08
Wesley Sommer M 11:49
Ziggy Struna M 12:25
Michael Dunn M 13:04
Alex Rogers M 13:07
Kyle Tolbert M 13:08
Maddie Stambaugh F 13:14
Julie Bryer F 13:56
Kristen Giombi F 14:02
Chris Voss M 14:04
Lucy Shearer F 15:10
Kevin Rumsey M 15:27
Alex Peterson M 16:04
Charline Woods F 16:12
Megan Arnold F 18:05
Caroline Moakley F 19:27
Lauren Granger F 20:58
Jill Zalewski F 24:39

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