Tour de Walter

2023 Tour de Walter – Final Standings

Here are the final results for the 2023 Tour de Walter.

Congratulations to Johan Pennerat and Julie Bryer on their File:Jersey yellow.svg - Wikimedia Commons and VIP seating to the 2023 Sir Walter Miler on Friday!

Everyone who competed can pick up a yellow koozie in the Sir Walter locker at Runologie starting Wednesday at 6pm!

2023 Tour de Walter – Stage 4: Lake Johnson Trail & Bail Results

Name Sex Time
Johan Pennerat M 8:02
Marshall Ward M 8:36
Brendan Murray M 8:44
Wesley Sommer M 9:44
Will Davis M 9:50
Ziggy Struna M 10:04
Michael Dunn M 10:29
Julie Bryer F 10:37
Alex Rogers M 10:58
Kristen Giombi F 11:03
Kyle Tolbert M 11:11
Kevin Rumsey M 11:13
Chris Voss M 11:14
Wesley Mickler M 12:01
Lucy Shearer F 12:14
Megan Arnold F 12:57
Maddie Stambaugh F 13:06
Art Sheppard M 15:35
Lauren Granger F 15:43
Charline Woods F 15:58
Jill Zalewski F 17:16

2023 Tour de Walter – Overall Final Results

Name Sex Time
Johan Pennerat File:Jersey yellow.svg - Wikimedia Commons M 19:04
Marshall Ward M 19:26
Brendan Murray M 19:52
Wesley Sommer M 21:33
Ziggy Struna M 22:29
Michael Dunn M 23:33
Alex Rogers M 24:05
Kyle Tolbert M 24:19
Julie Bryer File:Jersey yellow.svg - Wikimedia Commons F 24:33
Kristen Giombi F 25:05
Chris Voss M 25:18
Maddie Stambaugh F 26:20
Kevin Rumsey M 26:40
Lucy Shearer F 27:24
Megan Arnold F 31:02
Charline Woods F 32:10
Art Sheppard M 32:56
Lauren Granger F 36:41
Jill Zalewski F 41:55

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