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Spring Greenway 5k Series #3 – Hertford Hideaway 5k

Sick of running alone? Need something to do Wednesday night? Come join us for the third (and final) of 3 events in the 2022 Spring Greenway 5k series that were held the last Wednesdays of the month leading up to our annual June Pop Up Miles series. These events are FREE and open to all.

When? Wednesday, May 25 at 6pm (or run on your own). RSVP on Facebook!

Where? The race starts on Crabtree Creek Greenway off of Hertford Street.

There are a few ways down to the starting line. This is one of them

What is it? The Hertford Hideaway 5k is the third and final event in the Greenway 5k series!

Where do I park? Your best bet would be to park near the “Hideaway” part of Hertford on the street. 520 Hertford St, Raleigh, NC 27609 is a good starting point.

There is a gravel lot for a few cars here, and you can walk down to the start via these steps, as well.

Where do I start? By a tree just before the 10.75 sign. It will be chalked off for the event. This is the newly renovated part of the Crabtree Creek Trail! All important turns will be chalked off as well (plus mile markers).

You’ll start by a certain tree at the beginning of the greenway. The Start/Finish line will be chalked off.

Where do I turn once I’ve started? You’ll head northwest on the greenway for about 0.7 miles before hanging a right. Mile markers will be chalked off.

About 0.7 miles in, you’ll take a RIGHT here to stay on the Crabtree Creek Trail, and go over a bridge.
Right after you make that right, you’ll cross this bridge.
Just before the mile mark, you’ll cross this bridge. Be careful! And then stay to the right towards North Hills Dr and Shelly Lake when you get off!
As you approach North Hills Drive, make a hard LEFT onto the sidewalk. DO NOT CROSS THE STREET
Take a left here on North Hills Drive. You’ll run about 1/4 mile on the sidewalk before turning around. Again, DO NOT CROSS THE STREET!
Touch the yellow and TURNAROUND. Head back to the Start, which is also the finish.

Where do I finish? Back where you started!

What do I do after? Feel free to head over to Lonerider at Five Points (located at 1626 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27608) to celebrate your run with friends! It’s about 2 miles from the start/finish.

Photos: On the Sir Walter Running Facebook page (courtesy of Jason Honeycutt for J. Cutt Photography)

Where will I see the standings? Below, and here (Make sure you filter accordingly). Also, if you haven’t already, visit the Sir Walter Running Strava Club page (make sure and join, so that your marks count).

Have questions? Let us know: [email protected]

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