Sir Walter Qualifier Results 6/29/2023

Sir Walter Qualifier Results – June 29, 2023

Meredith College – Raleigh, NC

Photos: Courtesy of Jason Honeycutt (Album 1) & Joshua Dwight (Album 2)

Listen to a recap of the event from the Summer of Miles podcast episode the season!

Women’s Championship Mile Results


Women’s Championship Mile Finish Video

Men’s Championship Mile Results

Men’s Championship Mile Finish Video

Open Mile Results

Name Gender Time
Luke Phillips M  4:42
Matthew O’Connor M  4:43
Matt Jordan M  4:45
Dane Barbet M  4:56
Isaiah Rowley M  4:58
James Colone M  5:02
Seth Pierce M  5:04
Nick Newlin M  5:11
Daniel Osborne M  5:16
Will Davis M  5:26
Logan Teal M  5:27
Kelly Olson F  5:50
Dylan O’Connor M  5:50
David Alexander M  5:50
Samuel Strader M  5:58
Tim Meigs M  5:59
S Wiggan M  6:02
Sarah Kiehle F  6:15
Phil Maychek M  6:15
King Samsun M  7:02
Karah Mclaughlin F  7:05

Open Mile Finish

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