Strava Challenge #16 – Southeast Speed Loop

So you like Strava Challenges? We have another for you! If you haven’t already, join the Sir Walter Running Strava club! You can even go to and it will forward you to the right place. New here? Here’s a primer to Sir Walter Running Strava Challenges. 

What is it? The Hope for Education 5k is on Saturday, November 2nd, and longtime friend of Sir Walter, James East, is the Race Director. Go sample the course on a great loop that’s just over 1000 meters. Run it once, or run it three times for a good “2 mile” tempo (aka Triple Double)! If you’re running the Boston Marathon this Spring, this is a great rolling loop that will work on your uphill and downhill skills!

What is the Hope for Education 5k? Started as a partnership between Saint Augustine’s University and Fellowship Raleigh Church, the Hope Through Education 5K exists to help the local Raleigh community flourish by supporting the 1K Scholarship at Saint Augustine’s University, a pillar in the Southeast Raleigh community. The scholarship helps students cross the finish line who would not graduate otherwise. The race course winds through the historic Longview neighborhood, starting and finishing at Fellowship Raleigh, where you can hang out after the race for a drink from Trophy Brewing. Register here!

Where do I park? You can park on the road near the Stream Restoration Project sign (don’t block the crosswalk). Set your directions to the block of 600 Locke Ln, Raleigh, NC 27610, and that should get you there.

Theres a short trail to the right of here as well.

Where do I start? At the yellow fire hydrant on Stevens Road. You’ll finish here too.

Start (and finish) at the Fire Hydrant on Stevens Road

Where do I turn once I’ve started? All right turns! See below.

You will take your first right onto Culpepper Lane.
Take your next right onto Derby Drive.
You’ll take another right onto Locke Lane.
One more slight right and you finish where you started at the fire hydrant on Stevens.

When can I run? Anytime between now and dusk on Wednesday, October 23rd.

Where will I see the standings? Below and on Strava (SE Speed Loop / SE Speed Loop Triple Double)

What do I win? All participants will recieve $3 off Hope Through Education 5K entry (email us for code). The fastest Male and Female times for the Single Loop and the Triple Double (3 loops for 2 miles) will win free entry to the Hope Through Education 5K, and the person who does the most loops at once will get a free entry to a showing of “The 41st Day – The Journey of Ryan Hall” on Thursday, October 24th at the Alamo Drafthouse. There will be 2 showing (5 pm and 8pm).

Have questions? Let us know: [email protected]

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