Pop Up Miles 6-12-2018 Results

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Week 2 Results – June 12, 2018
Raleigh, NC – Ravenscroft School

Pop Up Miles Week Two: Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

New week, new location, and another great night of races highlighted a cool cloudy evening at Ravenscroft High School for week two of the Sir Walter Running Pop Up Miles series. On Tuesday night, a beautiful track facility in Raleigh filled with 99-plus running die-hards. Die-hards who show up every week to chase PRs/PBs, see old friends, meet new running addicts, and take a couple trips around a rubber oval for the love of the sport.

Tuesday night saw fast times yet again, especially in the 5:30-and-up mile with several runners dipping under that time barrier. In the 5:29-and-under heat Sean Mulherin cruised to a win in 4:27. After a tactical race broke out through the first half of the race Sean took over for good and dropped a spicy second half-mile which knocked on the door of sub-2:10. From the Sir Walter Running team, Sandy Roberts paced many to a sub-4:50 mile and took the young guys to school with a 25 second final 200 meters, while Stuart Jones just missed the five-minute barrier with a 5:03.

The special event of the night was the 400-meter dash, which saw some ridiculous times over several heats. Leading the charge was Fuad Hassan who absolutely crushed a 52 second lap around the track. The races saw six runners under 60 seconds – Alex Kagan ran a 59-high to round out this pack.

In the 4×800, spectators were treated to some incredible efforts, including a winning team going a few ticks over nine minutes. Back again and as good as ever, Davis Broll and his team won over the hearts of the crowd and reminded everyone of the joy of running.

Special for this meet, the fifth place finisher of the mile and 400-meter races, as well as the winning team in the 4×800 took home a pair of sunglasses courtesy of the night’s sponsor, North Raleigh Family Eyecare. Huge ups to them for the swag.

Be sure to register ASAP and come out for the Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile, sponsored by Bandwidth, this Friday at 7pm on Centennial Parkway. It is a USATF Certified Course with a 130 foot elevation drop from start to finish, so come crush that PR – no need to tell anyone it was downhill. There will be an after party at Trophy Brewing Co. on Maywood, with a food truck. Next week we are back on a track of a new kind with the Session at the Speedway at the Wake County Speedway. This event is sure to be a blast but space is limited so register now! The event is sponsored by Raleigh Denim, so if you’re running or spectating come out rocking as much denim as you can. Rocking the head to toe denim look a-la 2000s Britney and Justin is highly recommended but the only thing that is required is to have fun. Thank you to everyone who came out this week and we can’t wait to see everyone at our next two events. Until then, stay nutty Milers.

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Mile Results

Name M/F Time
Sean Mulherin M 4:27
Christian Brown M 4:29
Wade Miller M 4:32
Dasani Hawkins M 4:36
Joe Turner M 4:36
Andrew Reifman-Packett M 4:37
Jace Larsen M 4:40
Omer Abdulrahman M 4:42
Connor Belson M 4:43
Carson Hermer M 4:43
Brian Fowler M 4:45
Zeke Shore M 4:45
Alan Freeman M 4:48
Adam Pope M 4:48
Rob Arend M 4:52
Chase Kopp M 4:55
Josh Quesenberry M 4:55
Matt Mansell M 4:56
Vance Stiles M 4:57
James East M 4:57
Jan Alexander M 4:58
Michael Hogan M 4:59
Sean Nicol M 4:59
Wesley Mickler M 5:00
Stuart Jones M 5:03
Catherine Seaton F 5:04
Noah Wollerstein M 5:05
Keith Ferguson M 5:11
Aaron Quirk M 5:12
Erin Clark F 5:12
Calvin Clawson M 5:13
Liz Reynolds F 5:13
Jacob Nelson M 5:16
Chandler Caldwell M 5:17
William Gray M 5:21
Stephen Gore M 5:22
Jake Johnson M 5:23
Lucus Lyons M 5:24
Ryan Tam M 5:25
Jason Broll M 5:26
Jeff Aden M 5:28
Shan Guo M 5:28
Sophia Raspanti F 5:28
Brad Tripp M 5:30
Carson Sasser M 5:30
David Wherry M 5:33
Michael Beadle M 5:35
Les Abbott M 5:36
Andrew Phillips M 5:37
Sara Schultz F 5:40
Geoff Lewis M 5:40
Katie Sanderson F 5:40
Andrew Lipetzky M 5:40
Jared Jones M 5:44
Molly Lohry F 5:48
Kelsey Noll F 5:49
Daniel Berustein M 5:53
Tricity Andrew F 6:00
Brad Smythe M 6:13
Daniel Elliott M 6:15
James Elliott M 6:15
Art Sheppard M 6:20
Spencer Husen M 6:23
D. Sean O’Neal M 6:32
Peter Kreuser M 6:37
Jay Smith M 6:46
Keith Wollerstein M 6:48
Mathew Adams M 6:55
Justin Kearney M 7:00
Keri Celeste F 7:07
Reilly O’Neal F 8:33

Finish of over 5:30 Mile

Finish of under 5:29 Mile

400 Results

Name M/F Time (seconds)
Fuad Hassan M 52
Jonathan Duren M 54
Christian Brown M 56
Stephen Gore M 57
Phillip Alexander M 59
Alex Kagan F 60
Noah Wollerstein M 62
Vance Stiles M 62
William Gray M 62
Daniel Berustein M 66
Chandler Caldwell M 67
Jeff Aden M 67
Elizabeth Easter F 67
Molly Lohry F 68
Brad Smythe M 68
Sara Schultz F 69
Shan Guo M 70
Christine Brugh F 70
Sophia Raspanti F 74
Peter Kreuser M 74
Kelsey Noll F 78
Rima Bogardus F 89

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