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Join Sir Walter Running and Raleigh Denim on Tuesday, June 19th at the Wake County Speedway for our version of the Ultimate Runner. Part of the Pop Up Miles series. Run on “America’s Favorite Bullring,” a quarter mile asphalt race track, right here in Raleigh! This event will double as Week #3 of the Pop Up Miles Championship qualifying, so there will be a Mile-only option for those that don’t want to “go the distance.”

But what is it?

At the “Session at the Speedway,” competitors will compete in 4 events (Mile, 440 yards, 880 yards, 2 Mile). Scoring is based on overall place in each event. Like Golf, lowest score wins. There will be special awards for Top 10 Male and Female, plus Age Group Winners. Also like golf, there will be a lowest overall foursome Team Award (coed). Teams can have more than 4, but Top 4 will score (and get award). Overall Male and Female Winner will get a slot in the Pop Up Miles Championship as well!

You will be grouped into heats based on your “predicted” (or actual) mile time, so be honest when you enter!

Don’t want to run, but want to come hang out? The Session at the Speedway is fan friendly! You may bring a cooler (no larger than 14″), but NO GLASS ALLOWED! Support your local breweries, especially those that support us! Plan on having a drink or two? Please Uber, get a Taxi, or get a designated driver. Be Safe!

LocationWake County Speedway – 2109 Simpkins Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603

Cost – Only $10 (or $5 for Mile only) Race Day Registration starts at 6pm!

Schedule – There will be multiple heats of each distance

“America’s Favorite Bullring”
  • 6:00pm – WCS opens to runners and fans (plus race day sign up)
  • 6:30pm – Mile
  • 7:00pm – 440 (aka 1/4 mile)
  • 7:20pm – 880 (aka 1/2 mile)
  • 7:45pm – 2 mile
  • 8:15pm – Awards
  • 9:00pm – Wake County Speedway closes

Chip timing will be done by Clockwork Race Timing

100 spots max!

Special Awards will be given for Top 10 Overall Men and Women, plus Winners of the following age groups:

  • Under 18
  • 18-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70+
  • Lowest foursome overall Team Award (coed)

Online Registration is now closed. Race Day Registration starts at 6pm at Wake County Speedway!

Official Race Day Informaion (Updated 6/18 – 10pm)

Thanks for being a part of the first Session at the Speedway. It’s going to be a hot night, so we are taking proper precaution to keep you cool!
  • We’ll have wet towels, cool, water, and gatorade/powerade available.
  • We are also targetting a 6:45pm start to allow some cooling. (It still may be 90 degrees at start time)
  • We are looking to secure extra pop up tents, but there are some shaded areas at the Wake County Speedway (use them)
  • How to get there: The address is 2109 Simpkins Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603. If you take Lake Wheeler out past Yates Mill, you will take a Left on Simpkins and a pretty quick right at the Speedway into parking lot. There is plenty of parking. There is also a gas station on Yates Mill right past the Simpkins turn if you need last minute supplies.
-Check In: Bib and Chip check in starts at 6pm, along with any race day entries (bring your friends).
-Kombucha: Tribucha Kombucha will be there giving free samples of the Official Raleigh Distance Project flavor, “Chai and Catch Me”
-Music: We’ll have the PA going with a “Race Themed” playlist. If you have requests, reply to this email.
-Facebook: Please RSVP here if you haven’t already –
-Hashtag: #SpeedwaySession
-BYOB: If you or your friends are bringing adult beverages, just remember – NO GLASS. Also – Be SAFE! Support your local brewery!
-Timing: Clockwork Race Timing will be chip timing. You can pick up your chip/bib at 6pm.
-Website/Results: Results will be posted at http://SpeedwaySession after the event.
-Pop Up Miles Standings – The Mile will count toward the Pop Up Miles Championship Standings.
-Track Distance – The track is 1/4 mile, based on measuring from 2 car lengths out. So we’ll set up some cones to make it as accurate as possible. There is a slight slope on the straights, so we recommend a “beefier” shoe. DO NOT WEAR SPIKES. The track is asphalt.
-Awards: Special, one of a kind awards will go to Top 10 Overall Male and Female plus age group winners (below), and the lowest Team foursome.  Top 4 scorers on team will count (no mix and match per event).
  • Under 18
  • 18-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70+
-How heats were decided (based on your estimated Mile time)
A <5:00
B 5:00 – 5:30
C 5:31 – 5:45
D 5:46 – 6:00
E 6:01+
Race Time Class
Opening Ceremony 6:35 PM All
Mile – Heat 1 6:45 PM D, E
Mile – Heat 2 6:55 PM B, C
Mile – Heat 3 7:05 PM A
400 – Heat 1 7:15 PM E
400 – Heat 2 7:20 PM D
400 – Heat 3 7:25 PM C
400 – Heat 4 7:30 PM B
400 – Heat 5 7:35 PM A
800 – Heat 1 7:45 PM D, E
800 – Heat 2 7:55 PM B, C
800 – Heat 3 8:05 PM A
2 Mile 8:20 PM All
Awards 8:40 PM All
Last First Race Team Class
Scudder Nickolas Mile only SHRIMP ACADEMY A
Browne Christian Full Bond Brothers A
Meyer Quin Full NCSU Club Track A
Reifman-Packett Andrew Full B3TC A
Norris Trac Mile only A
Belson Connor Full Night Club TC A
Husen Spencer Mile only NCSU Club Track A
Staehle Matthew Full NCSU Club Track A
Bouchard Carter Mile only SHRIMP ACADEMY A
Nicol Sean Full NCSU Club Track A
Kagan Alex Full A
Freeman Alan Full Yams A
Stiles Vance Full na A
Cloninger Matthew Full na A
Lewis Wes Mile only House of Hops A
Dudra Greg Full Run Track Mind B
Mansell Matt Mile only na B
Caldwell Chandler Full na B
Beadle Michael Full B
Gore Stephen Full Bond Brothers B
Raspanti Sophia Full na B
Fennell Rusty Full Bison Cutters B
Ziefle Jon Full Bull City Track Club B
Thompson Brian Full na B
Honeycutt Jason Mile only Yams C
Mueller Kate Full Yams C
Lyons Lucus Full CB4 C
Deroian Rhea Full House of Hops C
Healy Charlie Full na C
Pursifull Anne Full Yams C
Bonneau Kara Full Bull City Track Club C
Sommer Wesley Full House of Hops C
Dyer Tristan Full Yams C
Schultz Sara Full Yams C
Noll Kelsey Full UNC Triathlon D
Voss Chris Full House of Hops D
Wach Colin Full na D
Paull Donald Full na D
McCauley Kellan Full na D
Nelson Jacob Full NCSU Club Track D
Lewis Geoff Full Pendo D
Carson Brec Full Pendo D
Andrew Tricity Full Yams D
Miller Nicky Mile only na E
Wilson Gregory Full na E
Bosken Chris Full na E
HARRIS ART Mile only Beer Run at Oak City Brewing E
Kreuser Peter Full Yams E
Kearney Justin Full Yams E
Bynum R.L. Full na E
Griffin Todd Full Run Divas E
If you have any questions, please let us know!

Questions? [email protected]