Summer of Miles Strava Challenge – Neapolitan Umstead

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As heard on the Summer of Miles podcast, the “Neapolitan Umstead” Sir Walter Running Challenge is here! What does Neapolitan Umstead mean? The three most accessible trails, of course. Loblolly, Reedy Creek, and Company Mill (sorry Sycamore). Here’s the “Official” Strava segment.

This one is not about speed over the course, but about speed of GETTING IT DONE! The first 10 to complete the segment will get a Summer of Miles Tank Top! Unisexy Sizes are limited, so first run, first served. Details below….

If you’ve been to Umstead before, the route is pretty simple. Park in the Harrison Avenue Parking Lot (2100 N Harrison Ave, Cary, NC 27513) and start at the Loblolly Trail sign (below):


If you’re not sure if you’ve found the right sign, just look on the back of it (we tagged it). It’s on the right side of the parking lot:


It won’t be too long before you face the first challenge, a creek crossing via log (there are a few other ways to get over as well. Be Careful!):


You’ll run the 2.2 miles from the Parking lot to the Reedy Creek Trail (crushed gravel, double track, horse trail), where you’ll turn left and head slightly down the hill (before going up). If you cross over the horse trail and continue onto Loblolly, you’ve gone too far.

After going up a long slow hill for nearly 2 miles from that turn off Loblolly, you’ll turn left onto the Company Mill Trail.


Before too long, you’ll hit a shaky bridge. Once again, go left and cross the creek!


The final mile will come to a close when you start to see the water fountain. But make sure you get there!


THE FINISH LINE IS THE WATER FOUNTAIN. Don’t quit until you get there, or your run may not register with Strava!


And once you’re done, your time should register below! When it does, email us with your unisex tank top size preference. As long as we have some left, we’ll tell you where to pick it up (or we’ll deliver, if you’re close). We’ll update the sizes left here (as fast as we can). Go get it!

And make sure to visit and tag @SummerOfMiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook once you rock it!

For more information, sponsorship information, or interview requests, contact Pat Price at [email protected] and 919.260.8013

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