2019 Pop Up Miles Championship Results (6/28/2019)

Championship Miles Results – June 28, 2019

Meredith College – Raleigh, NC

Sammy George, James Quattlebaum Punch Tickets to 2019 Sir Walter Miler

Friday night at Meredith College, the first two entries into the 2019 Sir Walter Miler were solidified with the Men’s and Women’s Pop Up Miles Championship. After some thunder earlier in the evening the weather held off but cooled the air down, allowing for some fast running.

After the masses had taken to the track for the Open Mile, defending Pop Up Champion, Sammy George, looked to defend her crown in the Women’s Championship Race. The race featured Raleigh Rundown champion, Ericka Charles, as well as six other local standouts, ready to challenge for a spot on the line in August. In the end, George proved to be too much for the rest of the field – opening a small gap over the first 400 meters, before extending the lead over the next three laps. George crossed the line in 4:52.00, seventeen seconds clear of second place, to set herself up with a return trip to the Miler.

In the Men’s race, a fast field proved to be even faster than anticipated. The leading duo of New Balance High School National Champion, Dolan Owens, and Clemson alum, James Quattlebaum, took the field out with a scorching 60 second opening lap. The two runners led the entire way, trading the lead back and forth before Quattelbaum found one more gear to secure the win, and a spot at the Sir Walter Miler, finishing with the fastest time in Pop Up history, 4:02.80, to Owens’ 4:03.50. Owens narrowly missed the 2019 prep lead, finishing just 0.39 seconds off of that mark. Finishing in third place was Pop Up fixture, Donnie Cowart, in a still scorching 4:05.50. Also of note, Sir Walter’s own Sandy Roberts toed the line in the Men’s race, finishing 5th place with a time of 4:16.70.

The 2019 Sir Walter Miler will take place at Meredith College on August 2nd, and will feature not only the Men’s and Women’s Elite races and the Run Club relays, but also the Croc-O-Mile, challenging the most dedicated of croc wearers.

Photos: Part 1 / Part 2 (via Jason Honeycutt for J. Cutt Photgraphy)

Women’s Championship Mile Results (splits)

1. Sammy George 4:52.00
2. Ericka Charles 5:09.30
3. Kelley Riffenburgh 5:24.50
4. Aly Chura 5:29.60
5. Jaylan Fraser-Mines 5:31.30
6. Sophia Raspanti 5:41.20
7. Sarah Nash 5:44.00
8. Melissa Rockhill 5:47.90

Finish of Women’s Championship Mile

Interview with Women’s Winner, Sammy George

Men’s Championship Mile Results (splits)

1. James Quattlebaum 4:02.80
2. Dolan Owens 4:03.50
3. Donnie Cowart 4:05.50
4. Remy Tamer 4:16.30
5. Sandy Roberts 4:16.70
6. AJ Tucker 4:17.40
7. Laderique McNeil 4:26.50
8. Christian Browne 4:27.50
9. Brayden Burleigh 4:28.40
10. Wade Miller 4:29.50
11. Theo Reynolds 4:31.60
12. Spencer Husen 4:31.80
13. James East 4:50.80

Finish of Men’s Championship Mile

Interview with Men’s Winner, James Quattlebaum

Interview with Men’s Runner Up, Dolan Owens

Open Mile Results

Name Gender Time
Zeke Shore M 4:42
Joshua Dwight M 4:43
Rodger Shull M 4:48
Nils Menz M 4:49
Matt Mansell M 4:50
Jalen Smith M 4:51
Brian Fowler M 4:51
Chase Kopp M 4:53
Daniel Osborne M 4:56
Paul Hafen M 4:58
Renzo Cieza M 4:59
Aaron Quirk M 4:59
Brady Thomas M 5:06
Alan Freeman M 5:07
Brittany Perkins F 5:07
Michael Hogan M 5:08
Fuad Hassan M 5:15
Hughes Burridge M 5:15
Alex Pearce M 5:16
Daniel Moreno M 5:18
Keith Ferguson M 5:20
James Walsh M 5:22
John Hiller M 5:25
David Cardonas M 5:25
Kiphong Lu M 5:25
Tim Howard M 5:27
Jans Tecum M 5:30
Drew Nicholson M 5:55
Christ Palsgrove M 5:59
Kevin Rumsey M 5:59
Brian Talty M 6:13
Rachel Repp F 6:13
Ethan Haynes M 6:25
Edward DeLisle M 6:35
Matthew Galgori M 6:45
Angrew Nygaard M 6:50
Jay Smith M 6:57
Keri Celeste F 7:06
Sarah Harris F 7:31
Jeff Caithness M 7:39
Kyle Halloran M 7:57
Alex Manzo M 9:14
Luke Ravlston M 9:50

Finish of Open Mile

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