2018 Pop Up Miles Championship Results (6/26/2018)

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Championship Results – June 26, 2018
Raleigh, NC – Meredith College

Pop Up Miles Championship – Fourth Time Around

The champs are here – and two spots on a Friday night in August are secured. The Sir Walter Miler Summer Pop Up Miles Series wrapped up Tuesday evening at Meredith College on a day that the rain seemed to stop exclusively for the hour that running took place. The winner of the men’s and women’s championship races on the night win guaranteed entry into the big show, the Sir Walter Miler on August 3rd back again at Meredith College for its 5th running. The championship races did not disappoint and saw some outstanding results; but first the rest of the Raleigh running diehards took to the track for miles of their own.

To start out the night, with the rain gently subsiding, the 5:30-and-over group toed the line to go four times around for the first of four full miles to be run. The race went out very quick and saw several runners dip well below the five-and-a-half-minute barrier. The race was highlighted by living legend Jay Smith once again dropping a sub-seven paced by Sir Walter’s very own Sandy Roberts. Also, big ups to the two runners, who did not sign out their times, who absolutely crushed the last 200 meters to wrap up the race.

Next to the track at 7:10 was the 5:29-and-under mile which never fails to deliver some very quick times. This race was taken by Andy Tessena in 4:30. Andy was followed shortly by Connor Belson and Andrew Inman in 4:34 and 4:35 respectively. Both of the traditional popup style races saw awesome runs and spirited efforts on what ended up being a nice night for some fast times.

The night was one full of energy and excitement; and that energy and excitement created a palpable anticipation for the Championship Miles. So, what everyone came to see, the Championships: On the women’s side we were gifted a field full of dedicated runners highlighted particularly by three of note. First off, representing the Raleigh Distance Project, Sarah Rapp and Sammy George; but, perhaps the most exciting member of the field has to be sixteen-year-old Sophia Raspanti who absolutely crushed it in all of the Pop Ups and Tuesday was no different.

The race itself saw a two-woman battle with Sammy George slowly developing a gap over Sarah Rapp before closing in a swift 1:12.3 on her way to a 4:52.2 victory. Sarah Rapp did hold on for her second place in 5:02.7. With a big kick in the second half of the race, Sophia Raspanti stole third place in 5:24.8, just edging out Rita Dorry who followed in 5:26.2. Sammy George’s win made her the first official member of the Sir Walter Miler 2018 Elite Field.

Following the women’s race, the championship men took to the track and it was a good one. As expected, the race went tactical with lots of shifting of positions over the first three laps. With a lap to go, however, Henry Dwyer took command. Dwyer was shadowed until 250 meters remained by Sean Mulherin before he went into a full kick and opened up a substantial gap to drive home the final straight for a commanding – and comfortable looking – win. If not for Dwyer closing in 58.8 seconds, the race could have been quite different because Peter Koskey dropped a monster kick at the 300-meter mark to close in 60.9 seconds. Koskey gave his all and was rewarded with a second place finish, just edging Mulherin by exactly a second. Henry Dwyer’s 4:19.1 was enough not only for the victory but it guaranteed him now the second official spot in the 2018 Elite Field.

The night was finished up with a classed 4×400 relay which was as fun as always. Championship runners, strangers, and kids alike assembled their four person teams to each take a lap around the track. As has become tradition, Davis Broll finished up the night with his leg of the relay while Sarah Rapp took the mic and implored the crowd to cheer him home. The night was a fun one full of great people and great running which ended at Raleigh Brewing for a great after party.

Next up, the big dance, the finale, the 2018 Sir Walter Miler on August 3rd at 7pm back at Meredith College. Stay tuned in early July for the announcement of Elite Fields – as well as potential Strava challenges. We hope to see everyone out there in August, until then, stay nutty Milers.

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Open Mile Results M/F Time
Connor Belson M 4:34
Omer Abdulrahman M 4:42
Joseph Boyle M 4:52
Alex Kagan M 4:52
Rob Arend M 4:53
Andy Tessena M 4:54
Brian Sullivan M 4:56
Adam Pope M 4:56
David Meeker M 4:57
Matte Howe M 5:00
Bradley McClure M 5:00
Stuart Jones M 5:06
Brian Thompson M 5:07
Andrew Kurts M 5:10
Zach Mortensen M 5:10
Aaron Afarian M 5:11
Colin Henry M 5:13
Stephen Gore M 5:13
Jacob Nelson M 5:16
Jalen Smith M 5:19
Chandler Caldwell M 5:20
Shan Guo M 5:20
Mike Klingensmith M 5:27
James Walsh M 5:27
Andrew Ball M 5:28
Brendan Murray M 5:28
John Hiller M 5:29
Michael Beadle M 5:30
Andrew Phillips M 5:30
Matt Robinson M 5:33
Les Abbott M 5:35
Geoff Lewis M 5:36
Rashan Moore M 5:37
Andrew Brooks M 5:45
Sterling Brockwell M 5:50
Daniel Bernstein M 5:59
Tricity Andrew F 6:10
Kelsey Brinkley F 6:14
Rachel Lahring F 6:17
Andy Whiteman M 6:22
Peter Kreuser M 6:23
Nicky Miller F 6:38
Rebecca Hughes F 6:39
Jabar Zalas M 6:40
George Howe M 6:43
Jack Threadgill M 6:46
Kevin Jefferies M 6:46
Jay Smith M 6:55
Patrick Barry M 7:01

Women’s Championship Results


Men’s Championship Results

Watch the Mens and Womens Championship Races

2018 Pop Up Miles Womens Championship Winner – Sammy George

2018 Pop Up Miles Mens Championship Winner – Henry Dwyer

Finish of Over 5:30 race

Finish of Under 5:29 race

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