Heading to Hopscotch? Get a preview of the Oak City Mile course and some of the venues while you’re at it! Full course preview is here.

Hopscotch route long view

Hopscotch Route


Step by Step Directions:

  1. Start at Runologie (401 Hillsborough Street), run towards campus and loop around the traffic circle at Morgan Street.
  2. Come back up Hillsborough Street and take a right at West Street
  3. Take a left on Martin
  4. Take a right on Salisbury
  5. Take a left on South
  6. Take a left on Blount
  7. Take a left on Morgan
  8. Take a right on right on Salisbury
  9. Take a left on Hillsborough (back to Runologie)

*Each loop from Runologie to the Morgan Street turnaround and back adds 1.2 miles if you wish to tack on